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Dickson Bus Station

2016 – 2017

Cord Civil was awarded the Dickson Bus Station – Civil Construction Project in 2016. These works included:

• The extension of Cape Street between Challis Street and Northbourne Avenue and works associated with the Bus Station;
• Concrete pavement and structural slabs to protect existing utilities
• Pavement for Bus Station platforms
• Signalisation of both ends of the Bus Station (Challis Street and Northbourne Avenue)
• Provision of appropriate landscaping and infrastructure for the Bus Station
• Widening of the verge and relocation of traffic islands in the Cape Street/Badham Street intersection and associated protection and relocation of utilities.
• The U-turn facility for buses on Northbourne Avenue at Murdoch Street comprising of kerb realignment and construction of storm-water pits.

Works were completed in October 2017.

AWARDS | 2018 ACT Branch CCF Award Category 2 and Master Builders Building Excellence Award 2018 for Civil – Roadworks 

October 2017

April 2017

November 2016