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October 2017

New & Current Projects | October 2017

Dickson Bus Station

Cord Civil is currently working on the Dickson Bus StationCivil Construction Project. These works include:

• The extension of Cape Street between Challis Street and Northbourne Avenue and works associated with the Bus Station;
• Concrete pavement and structural slabs to protect existing utilities
• Pavement for Bus Station platforms
• Signalisation of both ends of the Bus Station (Challis Street and Northbourne Avenue)
• Provision of appropriate landscaping and infrastructure for the Bus Station
• Widening of the verge and relocation of traffic islands in the Cape Street/Badham Street intersection and associated protection and relocation of utilities.
• The U-turn facility for buses on Northbourne Avenue at Murdoch Street comprising of kerb realignment and construction of storm-water pits.

These works are due for completion in the middle of 2017 | more images

Cord Civil was awarded Sullivan’s Creek Cycle Path Crossing – Package 2 in 2016. The works involved the construction of a new wombat crossing and widening of the existing path at Goodwin Street and upgrades to the signage and street-lighting at De Burgh Street. These works will allow pedestrians and cyclists safe crossing of these highly trafficked roads. This upgrade will aim to provide an improvement to public safety, pedestrian and cyclist movements and to improve the travel time along the busy shared path.

Sullivan’s Creek Cycle Path Crossing

The Goodwin Street works involved ;

• the closure of Goodwin Street
• removal and demolition of existing road pavement;
• construction of a red oxide 200mm wombat crossing;
• construction of pram ramps;
• widening of the shared path either side of the crossing;
• protection of trees;
• installation of new street-lighting
• line-marking and signage

The De Burgh Street works involved ;

• removal, modification and installation of signage for the crossing
• trimming of trees to improve sight lines
• street-lighting upgrade and improvements
• upgrade of line-marking and crossing piano key markings

Works were completed in late 2016.

Relocation of Existing Sewer Main Downer

Cord Civil was awarded the Relocation of Existing Sewer Main Downer in 2016. The scope of works for the contract included but was not limited to the following:

• Construction of sewer using boring
• De-energising of electrical lines
• Construction and modification of new and existing sewer maintenance holes
• Connection to and disconnection from existing sewers
• Temporary diversion of existing sewers to complete the works
• Temporary traffic management
• Protection of existing assets and trees
• Reinstatement of verges and footpaths
• Adjustment of existing services

The works are completed in late 2016.

News & Awards

2016 | ACT Branch CCF Earth Awards – Winner – Category 1

Cord Civil was awarded the 2016 ACT Branch CCF AWard Category 1 – project value up to $1 million for Sullivan’s Creek Weir Improvement

2016 CCF Award

2016 ACT Branch CCF AWard
Category: 1 – project value up to $1 million
For: Sullivan’s Creek Weir Improvement

2015 | MBA award for Civil Roadworks

Cord Civil was awarded the 2015 Master Builders award for Civil Roadworks for the Cotter Road and Streeton Drive Upgrade.

2015 MBA Awards

2015 Master Builders & CBUS Awards
Category : Civil Roadworks
For: Cotter Road and Streeton Drive Upgrade

Cotter Road and Streeton Drive Upgrade

Cotter Road and Streeton Drive Upgrade
• project outline
• project images

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