Jarramlee Nature Reserve

Remediation Project | 2022

Jarramlee Nature Reserve Remediation Project
Client | Major Projects Canberra   Contract Amount | $3,074,000

Scope of works | Civil and landscaping works for the project include but are not limited to:
– Construction of a lined swale between the existing bioretention pond in the southern part of the Project impact area and Ginninderra Creek (required to limit subsurface water intrusion which is contributing to subsidence).
– Strategic remediation of areas of visual subsidence through excavation, removal of underground structures, filling of voids with material as required, re-compaction of disturbed areas, re-use of topsoil layer and re-planting plants that have been removed from the site at the beginning of the remediation process.
– Rehabilitation of areas affected by excavation and works including landscaping of the swale and re-seeding of other impacted areas in accordance with a rehabilitation plan (Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)).

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