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Mulligan’s Flat

Mulligan’s Flat North Road 2011 – 2012

Mulligan’s Flat is an area in which history and nature flourish. In 2011 Cord Civil was awarded the upgrade to Mulligan’s Flat Road North which connects this area to Southern NSW. This project covered predominantly earthwork, retaining wall (Reno mattresses) and pavement constructions, services reticulation, landscape works, road traffic managements and signs setup, and street lighting installation.

Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert Crossing installation work commenced in early 2012, with the roundabout construction and final roadworks completed in the second quarter of 2012.

Cord Civil handed over the job efficiently, effectively and in pristine condition, minimising the project impact on nature and Mulligan’s Flat historical values.

Mulligan’s Flat Road North | 2011 (pre-roadworks)

Mulligan’s Flat Road North | 2012 (post-roadworks)